Here is everything you need to practice Blackjack at home. Whether your a dealer or player, this complete Blackjack kit has it all. 


  1. Vibrant Colored 5 Spot Blackjack Layout on professional casino grade felt  (approximately 2 ft. wide by 3 ft long) Perfect for the average dining room table or work desk. 
  2. Professional 4 Deck Card Shoe with Roller
  3. 4 Decks of Cards
  4. 125 Cheques (chips) 11.5g professional composite construction. 25 White, 50 Red, 25 Green, 25 Black. 
  5. 2 Yellow Cut Cards
  6. Dicard Rack
  7. Printed CEG Blackjack Dealer Manual Included. 



Blackjack Kit

  • Due to increased demand for these kits, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 

  • Everything in this kit is professional grade and comes straight from a wholesaler that provides supplies direct to casinos. 

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