Here is the Official CEG Dealer School Blackjack Manual provided to new Blackjack students as they begin their journey to become a Casino Blackjack Dealer in Las Vegas. 


This 51 page all revised Blackjack coursebook provides all of the comprehensive and structured course materials required by dealers who aspire to learn and deal blackjack in a casino.  



You can also purchase the entire Casino Quest Blackjack Dealer E-Course that INCLUDES this manual along with videos and worksheets (where applicable). Only purchase this Manual if you do not intend to purchase the videos or if you want a PDF backup of an original manual previously issued to you at CEG Dealer School. 

Blackjack Dealer Manual

    • Rules of Blackjack
    • General Policies and Procedures
    • Four Cardinal Rules of Dealing
    • Table Layout and Equipment
    • The Basics with Cheques
    • Cutting Cheques
    • Plucking 
    • Using the Cheque Rack
    • Fills and Credits
    • Handling Cash
    • Cheque Change
    • Foreign Cheques 
    • Coloring Up
    • How to Use Peeker 
    • Shuffle Components
    • Riffle 
    • Strip
    • Box Turn
    • Lace 
    • Rolling & Offering the Cut 
    • The Burn Card 
    • Side Rules of Blackjack 
    • Double Down 
    • Split
    • Insurance 
    • Surrender
    • Hole Card Procedures 
    • Approval/Alert Calls 
    • Approval Calls
    • Alert Calls
    • Betting Procedures
    • Dealing Cards - Shoe
    • Hitting the Players’ Hand – Shoe 
    • Paying off Blackjacks
    • Taking and Paying
    • Converting
    • Up converting
    • Picking up Cards
    • Checking Between Rounds
    • How to Hold & Pitch Cards - Double Deck
    • Holding a Double Deck 
    • How to Pitch
    • Double Deck Face-up 
    • Hitting the Players Hand – Double Deck
    • Turning Over Cards - Double Deck
    • Relieving/Entering a Game
    • Opening/Closing a Game
    • Opening a Game
    • Closing a Game 
    • Markers
    • Issuance
    • Redemption
    • Call Bet 

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