Here is the Official CEG Dealer School Roulette Manual provided to new Roulette students as they begin their journey to become a Casino Roulette Dealer in Las Vegas. 


Newly Revised as of 9/22/2020


This 27 page roulette coursebook provides all of the comprehensive and structured course materials required by dealers who aspire to learn and deal roulette in a casino.  



You can also purchase the entire Casino Quest Roulette Dealer E-Course that INCLUDES this manual along with videos and worksheets (where applicable). Only purchase this Manual if you do not intend to purchase the videos or if you want a PDF backup of an original manual previously issued to you at CEG Dealer School. 

Roulette Dealer Manual

    • General Policies & Procedures
    • Four Cardinal Rules of Dealing 
    • Table Layout & Equipment 
    • The Basics with Cheques
    • Cutting Cheques
    • Slide Cutting Cheques
    • Mucking 
    • Pushing Cheques 
    • Using the Bankroll
    • Fills and Credits
    • Making Change 
    • Making Cheque Values 
    • Handling Cash 
    • Cheque Change
    • Foreign Cheques
    • Coloring Up
    • Changing Color
    • Approval/Alert Calls
    • Betting Procedures
    • Bet Payouts
    • Outside Bets
    • Inside Bets
    • Spinning the Ball
    • Before During
    • When the Ball Drops
    • How to Spin the Ball
    • Cleaning the Layoutout
    • Chunking 
    • Payoff Procedures 
    • Mucker
    • Inside Bet Keys 
    • Relieving/Entering a Gamea
    • Opening/Closing a Game 
    • Example of a Table Chip Inventory Slip UsedExample of a Table Chip Inventory Slip Used
    • Closing a GameClosing a Game
    • MarkersMarkers 
    • IssuanceIssuance 
    • RedemptionRedemption
    • Toke Procedures
    • Game Protection 
    • GlossaryGlossary 

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