Casino Quest
Casino Party and Concierge Affiliate

If you take the risk out of casino games what is left? A brilliant way to meet and interact that can be embraced by everyone. Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and even Craps have all stood the test of time. 


Throw in a disco ball or a raffle, maybe beer & wings, wine & cheese or even a slide show and what do you have? Infinite possibilities. Corporate gatherings, conventions, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, local date clubs and Vegas send-offs are just some of the events you will facilitate. 


The Party Rental Industry is huge, expected to ring up $5 billion in sales in 2021. Demand to get out and meet up is growing. Add to that the growing proliferation of casinos and gambling throughout the world with Casino Quest and you have a unique intersection of timing and opportunity.  


Have you always wanted your own business or to start a new business? Do you want unlimited potential that is fun, affordable and easy to manage? 


You will find many successful party rental businesses. Some with very interesting stories of the challenges they overcame and ultimately the success they found. Now imagine your own story, with a well lit path of training, support, marketing and a friend with skin in the game. There is no magic wand that will eliminate the hard work needed and ultimately it comes down to your own motivation to succeed and the choice to enlist the right toolbox.

Casino Quest is OFFERING YOU the ultimate toolbox  for your very own Casino Party Rental and Concierge Business;


  • Low barriers to entry. 

    • Requires less than 10k initial investment. 

    • No brick and mortar needed. 

    • Local licensing is typically fast and easy

    • Start part time on your own terms, grow to full time as you want.

  • Turnkey

    • You can be up and running within 1 month. 

    • Tables and equipment packages are all inclusive, durable and fit into the back of an average pickup truck, van and even some hatchbacks. 

  • Training

    • Learn the business directly from Pitboss John who has turned his Casino Fun Night company from a part time side hustle, to a 7 figure business and has already helped numerous operators succeed.

    • Casino Quest Academy provides live and virtual training for owners and dealers. 

  • Support

    • Get the “Casino Party Bible” with everything you need to start, operate and build a profitable business.  

    • Direct access to the Casino Quest team to help you grow your business, answer questions and overcome challenges. 

  • Marketing

    • Get listed on our Casino Event Community Pages

    • Regular promotion of Casino Quest affiliates on all of our popular social media platforms and newsletters to millions of users 

    • Business referrals from our nationwide network of affiliates. 

  • Unique Upgrades

    • Gain access to Casino Quest concierge services for discounted rooms and travel specials to Vegas and other casino markets. 

    • Grow your business with the help of casino game tournaments, leaderboards and challenges hosted by Casino Quest live from Vegas or streamed from YouTube. 

    • Paid affiliation with the Casino Quest Online Academy for casino dealer training and job placement.


Here is the Path;


  1. Lock in your training date for Las Vegas and pay the deposit. 

  2. Come to Vegas and train with Pitboss John and CEG Dealer School over 4 days, Monday through Thursday. 

  3. See and experience Casino Quest at the Fashion Show Mall. 

  4. Once you have a working knowledge of the business, order the tables you want to get your business started.  

  5. Leave Vegas with the Casino Party Business Bible and a coaching lifeline.

  6. Lay the foundation of your business. 

  7. Book your first event. 

  8. Promote, build and support the growth of your business. 

  9. Explore new opportunities with Casino Quest as we grow together!

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