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Become a Casino Dealer

Media Channels

FREE Channels

  • Dealer and Player Casino Education

  • Extensive Library of Videos

  • 4-7 New Videos every week. 

  • Las Vegas Dealer School Events

  • Casino Education and Strategies

  • Lots of Craps Stragies and Game Play

  • Craps and Blackjack Challenges

  • 3+ New Videos every week

  • Live interactive Game-Play

  • Casual and Unique Game-Play

  • Craps Challenges Filmed Live at Casino Quest Las Vegas!

  • Blackjack Challenges filmed live at Casino Quest Las Vegas

  • Roulette Challenges filmed live at Casino Quest Las Vegas

  • Weekly Las Vegas Casino centric Podcast

  • Hosted by CEG CEO David

  • Featuring special "influencer" guests each week

  • 1700+ fast growing community of casino gamers

  • Many Casino and Vegas related chat rooms for everyone

  • A fun, free wheeling community. 

Paid or Sponsored Channels

  • New specially curated videos each week

  • Uncensored and raw game-play and strategy videos. 

  • Game-play worksheets

  • Tier Perks that include free play, giveaways and access 


Casino Quest Academy

  • Become a Student Dealer from HOME

  • Learn Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat

  • Learn from Alex, David and Lauren

  • From just $99 for a complete Blackjack Dealer Course. 

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