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Casino Training

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We want to build a casino training center here in Las Vegas while also supporting casino related training delivered around the world. 

We will start by engaging our community, the very people we hope to inspire and attract. From the beginning we will be listening, learning and putting to work all the right opportunities for all the right reasons. 

A single destination for everything related to the casino floor while providing a formative foundation for anyone who wants to enter and THRIVE on a casino floor.

Casino Dealers. Casino Supervisors. Slot Techs. Surveillance Agents. Security Officers.

A fully simulated casino floor to introduce, test and evolve gaming tech, 

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Why Us?

10 to 20 million unique views monthly - Casino Quest and CEG Dealer School has become a definitive source for casino education on numerous social media platforms around the world. 

More than a decade experience as a world class licensed school that graduates and finds jobs for thousands of people each year. 

Active, formative relationships with more casinos, more bosses, more techs, more dealers and all the networked people a training center would need to meet the needs of its students. 

A staff of more than 20 with over 500 years combined experience at all levels of the casino business. Not just experience, but real, qualified and quantified teaching skills. 

A media team that has successfully monetized more than 6 channels across 3 social media platforms and continues to produce 20+ short and long form videos weekly. 

A leadership team that started in 800 square feet only 4 years ago and now successfully manages more than 15000 square feet, of which 5800 is on the Las Vegas Strip. Since 2018 we have grown more than 2500% month over month ending Oct 2023. From income in the thousands, to income in the millions. From a team of 3 to a team of 21+.


Our team stands ready to create and manage this next opportunity.  

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