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Follow your Dreams. The long game of Casino Quest Vegas.

Introducing the new Casino Quest. Opening Soon (Hopefully May 14th).

New Casino Quest At Fashion Show

First, A Thank You! - Quite simply, we have emerged from a difficult year with an amazing fan base and customers who have helped us evolve and succeed.

If you came to learn, to share, to play or simply pass the time, we thank you.

March Madness 2019

Before there was Casino Quest, there was a school of casino dealers who showed up to entertain some March Madness mall revelers, 2 years ago.

This had never been done before. Would people even show up to learn how to play? We were a school, with student dealers. We had lots of naysayers, and we ignored them.

For 3 days and approximately 4 hours each day, the tables buzzed with people and energy. On an average Monday at 8pm the tables were packed.

Our student dealers got experience dealing with the public, the public learned how to play games without risking any money, some were even introduced to a potential career. And everyone had fun.

After our moment in the Great Hall, we were offered a small space in a quieter stretch of the Fashion Show Mall to try and see if we could replicate March Madness on the daily.

More people said it could not be done. In fact, at this stage, the voices were getting louder by the day.

David and Alex ignored them.

We sold a home, raised some cash and went all in.

It was a huge investment for a pair of small business owners, both of whom had more experience dealing cards and dice than operating a store front. Now imagine your opening your very first store at one of the finest malls in the world on one of the busiest, most storied streets anywhere. Oof.

At the same time, our Youtube channel was under attack. At some 8k subs and maybe 10k views a month, we had to suspend our uploads and reset nearly all of our online presence. Our small fan base was almost ended before it began.

When we opened on our first day, we saw 1 fan and 1 customer. Not even a week later, almost all of the employees we started with had bailed. Even a few friends decided to part ways. It was a difficult month.

Still, we showed up for work each day.

The word slowly got out. Come to Casino Quest before you hit the Casinos. Its the best $20 bill you will ever spend. Learn, Play and Master the games was beginning to ring true.

Each day 1 more, maybe a dead day or two, followed by a few more. Some came alone, some brought a date, others their kids to learn the math.

Come February and early March, we had to hire more dealers to meet growing demand. In the first week of March we saw our first small profit, like really small, but a WIN.


Days later, we had to close. Covid.

Our school closed too. Empty. We all went home.

Alex, Timmy and David met a few weeks later and came up with a plan to stay alive.

Go online. Bring the fun to our fans stuck at home.

And the fans watched, played and showed their support.

3 Months later, we were allowed to re-open the school, albeit at 25%.

Some students lined up for refunds, other's voiced their concerns.

Circa came calling and asked us to train their dancing dealers. The school would live.

A few teachers bailed, more friends ghosted us.

It was a tough month.

A month after that, we re-opened Casino Quest.

Due to a shortage of staff and lots of uncertainty, we limited our hours.

Almost immediately, customers returned. After all, if tables were out of reach or closed, we had private tables to pass the time.

Hurray for Golden Entertainment!

Then our friends at the Strat called.

We ate at the Top of the World.

We followed with some craps, blackjack and roulette. All for Youtube.

Live play went live. Roulette strategies took off. Some videos went viral. More fans joined us.

CEG YouTube reached 66K Subs and 2 million monthly views in April of 2021.

CasinoQuest YouTube reached 19k Subs 422K monthly views in April 2021.

We added a third channel for challenges due to demand.

One day, Alex and David were recognized in the food court as "those guys from youtube". A quick photo-op made their day.

We added some new friends and upgraded our style.

One fateful day, we were introduced to the slot King and Queen Trent and Karla.

Welcome G.E.T.T

Casino Quest and GETT came up with a new plan.

Go big.

Add a slot experience. Open them up, show how they work.

Curate machines that are fun, interactive, rare and old.

Most are for sale, some are so rare they will be kept as keepsakes to share with everyone.

We are working around the clock to open in a few days. It might be a week.

Our grand opening is scheduled for May 29th. The Strat is hosting our afterparty.

This was our first pylon, announcing our rate of $20 per hour. After June 1, we will be raising our rate to $25 per hour. Demand for dealers has grown and we will be starting all of our personnel at $15 per hour, some at $20, plus commissions and a share of profits. Our stores success comes down to the sales of tables, slots, merch and our varied sponsors.

If your planning on making a trip to see us, make your reservations before June 1, for any future date, and pay only $20 per hour.

Shortly we will be announcing our newest initiative, a scholarship program with UNLV and a direct mentorship program that will connect students to our network of gaming contacts.

All sponsorship money from Joining our YouTube Channel and the first dollar of each monthly Patreon Account will be used towards our scholarship fund.

We hope to open this Thursday or Friday May 13 or 14th. We will announce more soon.

The story continues and more updates will come. We hope you will join us and thanks to all of you that have made it this far.

Your friends,

David, Alex, Timmy, Tyler, Lauren, Dennis and the rest of our team.

P.S. If you have made it this far, please use Coupon Code CQNew5 and take 5% off any order of Merchandise through June 10th.

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