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New Dice Setting Clinic Fridays 4pm & 5pm

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Dice Setter Clinic Every Friday at 4pm limited to 5 people.

We have a 6 year veteran Coach who has spanned the globe and learned all the techniques from all the pros. If you want to learn how to set dice and want an affordable 1 hour clinic, come join our Coach every Friday at 4pm and 5pm.

This class is limited to 5 slots each hour and based on demand, you must Reserve in advance.

This class is hands on and takes place on a professional 12' craps table with an atypical microfiber layout and surface.

Dice used are professional cancelled dice from a live casino.

Each Student will receive a set of professional dice for their own use.

This clinic is meant to provide an affordable and quick clinic that teaches the fundamentals of "Dice Setting" as they are generally understood and a practical way of throwing dice with confidence. Casino Quest, its affiliates and/or partners do not intend to imply or promote a fixed outcome or method which interferes with the normal mechanics of a craps game.

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