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Evolution of Gaming: Post Covid? - Wed 4/22 3pm PST

Our very first podcast is going to deal with a subject that has been asked of us quite often recently.

What is the future of Casinos and casino gaming in Las Vegas? For that matter, Las Vegas.

Given our role as a small business, a trade-school servicing the Casino industry and of course our Casino Quest space at Fashion Show, we have pretty much everything on the line. Our fate is literally betwixt the cheeks of a small viral enemy with no Toilet Paper to spare.

Luckily we have YOU, our fans, students, families and supporters. You guys have kept hope alive and we know many of you are curious what the future holds.

We have gotten quite a few questions over the past weeks and we are going to address them all. At least those about the gaming industry, our casino partners and the future of our school and Casino Quest.

Grab some popcorn and your favorite gluten free rabbit foot and tune in to our first podcast on YouTube and, available at 3pm PST this next Wed, April 4/22.

I am hoping to broadcast this live, but that's a work in progress :)

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