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Welcome to the New Casino Quest Website

We listened and upgraded our entire website and feature list.

We are forever thankful to our fans and customers who continue to reach out and say hello. With everything going on in the world, we wait, hoping to one day reopen Casino Quest at Fashion Show Las Vegas.

Here is a short list of the changes we are rolling out today.

1) Clear, concise booking options (starting May 1)

2) Membership Plans for our frequent visitors

3) Dice Master Friday / Blackjack Clinic Saturdays / Poker Clinic Sunday 4) Better Merch store and suggested items incoming 5) Join our YouTube channel with your own 10 minute challenge, 30 roll challenge or Survival Blackjack, filmed live at Casino Quest. Book Now!

6) Dealer Courses on Demand for Locals and Fans. - stay tuned to see how you can help real Las Vegas Dealers get back to work by becoming an Honorable Casino Quest Dealer!

7) Forum Discussions for Fans, Members and Patreons.

8) The CQ Blog to include regular updates, strategies and travel information.

9) A new weekly video just for Casino Quest website visitors!

10) Alex, David and Timmy regular contributions to the blog and forums.

In the near future we will be expanding our services to include several themed packages to include a Wine Tasting/Education and Gaming Package, Couples Nights, Singles Nights and more.

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